Oct 142008
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isoar2bfree asked:

When looking for reviews about the best home business to get started in, they all seem to be wanting to sell something. I’m looking for an unbiased place that I might go to to tell me what’ hot and up and coming.

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  1. You can work with Network marketing companies for different products.I have an excenllent suggestion for you because I myself have been as Independent Representative of Quest International located in Hong Kong for about one year.I am my own boss and select my time to work.I have already received a reseasonable commissions during last year.I do most of my jobs at home and downlines come to my house.The website of comapny has been securied by VeriSign comapny from USA.You pay online for your purchaement and QI will pay your commissions by T.T or sending Checks to you.
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  2. Find the type of business on the link below that best describes what it is that YOU do (or want to do). Then see how to truly use the Net to make your specific business (or business idea) thrive.

    Or check out their new video tour

    It works for me. As an example, take a look at how I use the above. Then see if you can fit something similar around your own area of expertise. Then all you need is a passion and some persistence. This page links you to all the resources I use.

  3. Because home businesses are usually a marketing concept, you are indeed going to find that they want to sell you something.
    It’s difficult to find an unbiased comparison, because most people are biased and there are a lot of scams out there, so I’m sure if you dug deep, someone has done a comparison.

    I have worked several home businesses, and just through experience I have learned a great deal. What I have found is that the product of today is anything that involves health and anti-aging. It is fast becoming a trillion dollar industry and showing no signs of slowing down. There are many reasons for this, such as the aging baby boomers, which is likely your largest market, no matter what you are selling, and the fact that we are ingesting and breathing in millions of different chemicals every day. Even with modern medicine advancing as quickly as it is, people are getting sicker.
    Because of the nature of the business I am involved with, I have an endless market and my business grows every day.
    The company also has the latest marketing tools available to everyone as well as excellent training and mentoring.
    I was previously involved with a company that has an excellent product, but found it hard to earn a living because the compensation plan was outdated as well as their marketing strategies. It became too difficult to find people who were willing to fill their homes with products anymore and encourage others to do the same. Their main sales method was home party plan, which is also outdated. People just don’t want to do that anymore, that ship has sailed.
    I have now found a product that is in high demand with a marketing system and compensation plan that has removed all the usual obstacles of network marketing. It’s working extremely well.

  4. Hi,
    The first I would do is not ask a question like that lol. Otherwise you’ll get all kinds of people trying to get you into their thing.

    There is an ebook (free download) you need to get. It will show you what works and what doesn’t.

    This ebook is only for folks who are willing to work online. If that is you than it may or may not help you but download it free at

    It’s hard to find it on the web page but if you go there look for the pictures of the Umbrellas and thats where it’s at. It helped my hubby and I.

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