Oct 162008
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alib asked:

I want to be able to stay at home with my son, but I also want to start my own business. What kind of AT HOME business’ are there? I don’t want to have to be on the computer the whole time either.. i am open to ur suggestions.. Ex. of a HOME BASED BUSINESS TO ME A fruit basket business or making boquets or something like that.

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  1. What do you have a passion and drive for? This is where you should start. Write a busines plan, set some goals. Start out small, build a local clientel, get a website up, (some are free some are $7.00 and up) start advertising (free on yahoo groups) and go for it. Look at the WAHM (work at home mom) world out there and find what you like. There are thousands of Moms staying home and starting their own businesses, from Avon to Tupperware to their own candle buisness. You should decide what is right for you in the long term sense and go for it.

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  3. There are so many choices in the online world. You need to do your research to find a realistic answer to your online business desire.

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  4. I have a business that I found through the internet, but is not based off it. It is just one of the many ways they advertise. Ameriplan provides you with your own business, free training, the ability to make your own hours, and free benefits for you and your household. They got started fifteen years ago in Texas and have branched out across the country in that time to help provide discount healthcare options to families and companies.

    It may sound complex, but it isn’t. You simply sign on with them and receive training and materials and get started when you want. Even if you only have an hour a day, you can do this business and because it is your business, you get tax write offs at the end of the year for things you do everyday like running errands.

    In the month of February, it is only $25 to start as opposed to the usual $95, and I know that sounds like a scam, but the money pays for the techs to set you up with five of your own websites and to send you loads of materials to get started with. This really works. Many of our business owners are making over 100,000 a year and many more are on their way after only a few years of work. Give it a look!

  5. You may want to check out this site. It sounds like you like helping people.

  6. If you want to start a business from home then it has to be something you have a passion for. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Are there any skills that you would like to learn? Are you creative?

    Have you ever tried beading or making jewelry? Jewelry has been around since the beginning of time and probably always will be. But it is also a big competition out there, so you need to make your jewelry unique and creative.

    check out this site:

    The whole site is a home based jewelry business and design guide with hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create unique bead jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the market place. A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handmade bead jewelry from home.

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