Apr 032008
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alan213006 asked:

What is the BEST home business you can start to get you off the dole? Unable to find another office job in the blackspot of Merseyside, I am now contemplating starting my own business up. I am considering a typing service, but some say this does not rake in much and could take years for you to get really established.

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  6 Responses to “What is the BEST home business to get you off the dole?”

  1. drug dealing, tax free and earns well

  2. childminding but you need checked out by social services, and you can still claim your dole money if on income support.

  3. If I was in yr position I would start several ‘businesses’ -at least three- and see which ones seem to go well. If they don’t take off at all, move on to something else. At lot depends where you are and what you can do…Office services (not just typing) but phone answering, data entry, sending out leaflets etc…? Selling something on Evbay of course but what? do you have any specialist field/hobby that you know about? (my idea: collect roadside hubcaps!!! and sell ‘em). Gardening. In any self-employed job there are the ‘really good earners’ that are profitable then there are everyday bread-and-butter work and lastly the crap jobs you can’t avoid…just for interest…in the UK motor garages went bust when kwik Fit et al came along offering while-u-wait tyres, clutches, brakes and exhausts etc only…these were the ‘cream’ jobs that made a good profit…the little guys were left with the other stuff only. (This happened to my dad but he diversified and was ok). …Rubbish clearance….rent a bit of land and plant christmas trees (;land is very cheap to rent if you cant build on it)…i.e, get a load of small operations going and see what goes. I know a guy who cant read and write but he does demolition work, sells christmas trees, used to sell free range pork (but had to stop !) buys/sells cars and whatever else he can do. If you work over 30 hrs per week you can get tax credit too rather than dole money…There is a lot more dignity in that I think. (…dog walking……car valeting…..maths/language tuition?…..)

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  6. I think the typing service sounds like a good idea and certainly a business whereby you are using your acquired skills from your working life is worth thinking about :)

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