Oct 042008
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Jenai22 asked:

I am looking for a legit at home based business to make money as a supplemental income. I work and go to school already. I just need an extra couple hundred or $1000.00 a month. Nothing too major or outrageous. Only legit business that I can do from home on my computer.
Any suggestions would be most helpful.
Thank you

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  11 Responses to “What is the best and easiest at home business to make a good supplemental income?”

  1. You can make money online with ready made affiliate websites. Try eBay affiliate website called BANS – This would help you get commissions from users who Buy things from eBay and you also get 25-30$ for each new users who sign up for eBay. Its a good and useful site which would help you earn money without selling anything on the internet.

    Check review on BANS here :

  2. I have found a great income with my at home business.
    Go to or email me at for info.

    You will be surprised!

  3. Well, this involves some leaving the house but I thought I’d suggest it anyways. Secret Shopper. What you do is you get some assignments through email. (You can do assignments as often as you want) You then go to the business and follow the instructions.

    Visit Sonic at (sonic restuarant near you).
    Buy tatertots and large drink.
    Then you check to make sure everything is good. (food, service, etc.)
    You fill out a survey.
    Mail it in to secret shopper and get the money!

    Secret Shopper will reimburse you for whatever you buy then pay you more (your salary).

    Its easy and actually really fun!

  4. First let me give you a little detail about the other 3 posts.

    Post #1, Affiliate Marketing: a good way to make $$, but there is a learning curve. Figure on researching for hours and hours. But it can be done and you can be successful.

    Post #2, MLM: Great way to make money, harder than you think it is, and you are looking at about a years worth of work to make $1000+ a month. But, if you put the time in, it can quickly turn from that $1000 a month into a substantial amount of income.

    Post #3, Mystery Shopping. Sorry to the other poster, but you absolutely cannot make $1000 a month mystery shopping, unless you live in a rural area and are working it 40-60 hours a week.

    I have done all three of these things in the past, and still do #1&2 (though with different companies/products).

    Another thing you can do is build a profitable website on a hobby or skill of yours, but again, profit will not show up for several months.

  5. Hi!
    I am a stay at home mom and I too was looking for some extra money to earn while at home with my little girl. I am now working for an awesme company with good morals and good intentions and I have never felt more at home with what I do. I will tell you that this is a very simple, straightforward business with no guesswork involved. You won’t be taking a million orders for things or running any products through your home. You won’t have paperwork to deal with or anything that will bog you down. It is simple, easy, and you can work for an hours a day or 12 hours a day! Really and truly, you fit it to your own schedule! If you would like to see what it is then you can check it out! I would explain it to you but this website will do a better job then I ever could! :) I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide! take care!

  6. The best advice already given is to make a profit out of something you already enjoy doing. For example, getting a head start on banking in what you are studying in school. You could always look into becoming a consultant

  7. Hi
    Email me and i will show what we do.

  8. No problem, home based, felixble, can be worked around other commitments, turn-key solution and can be fully supported so your leads are followed up for you.

    Excellent commissions, registed with DSA, uncapped potential, early stage, and the travel benefits are a dream!!

    Plus once your started the supplement you want to earn is 1, yes just ONE sale a month (which is also residual) and you can sell WORLDWIDE.

    There are also management opportunities as this is at early stage expansion.

    Best bit is you get all the information upfront, and unlike the scammers who ask for money, it costs NOTHING to join!! So you really have nothing to lose from it…

    Any questions, e-mail me via the first linked site or my Answers profile

  9. I suggest you check out

    All the info is there on the “How It Works” page and they’re goin’ on a special promotion right now which makes it even better.

    If you sign-up when they ask who referred you put:


  10. Stay away from anything that involves Network Marketing or MLM. There are a lot of scams pushed on the internet, and as a newbie you don’t stand a chance.

    If you have a digital camera, take photos. eBay Shops, auto claims adjusters, and realtors all need your services.

  11. Please always do your research before joining a business opp. There are legit ones out there, but you need to know what to look for before jumping in.

    Real home based businesses take work and the money is not always easy up front unless you have a phenomenal product and there are very few of those out there that will sell instantly. It takes to develop a customer base and get people to join your team. It’s work and some sweat equity is involved where you are establishing your business, learning and not creating instant income.

    I wrote a blog recently about advice for working from home. The link is in the 2nd paragraph of my profile here. It is all generic information but may help you figure out which ones are legit and which ones are a waste of your time.

    Unfortunately many people don’t realize they are in a business that was designed to make the company money but not pay the distributors for their real efforts. It’s all in compensations plans and policies and procedures, plus, I believe having a very highly consumable product. My blog explains some about these items, what to look for what to avoid.

    Learning skills is also very important to be a professional network marketer and something that can take you from part-time income to full time to retirement.
    ~I would be glad to help further if you like,

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