Apr 012008
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bdd814 asked:

I am an at home mom and am looking into working from home. I am interested in starting my own business and am looking for ideas.

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  3 Responses to “What is a lucrative at home business for someone with children?”

  1. Medical Transcription is a great home business for Moms but it is very hard to get into. Try the hospitals in your area, you may have to start out in-house for training purposes but many will allow you to work from home after the training process. I haven’t had good luck trying to find something online that isn’t a scam. Good luck!!! : )

  2. Candle Making
    Antiques and Collectibles Dealer
    Cut Flower Business
    Transcription Services
    Niche Newsletter
    Home Sewing
    Herb Farming
    Party Planner
    Bookkeeping Business

    In-Home Day Care

  3. any of these programs can earn you tons of cash.give them a try they are free to start and have low upgrade fees.
    (sell directly from your estore or on ebay,great products)

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