Oct 102008
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questions asked:

I am pretty crafty, and don’t mind working, but have no start up money. Of course I don’t like sales calls. What kind of legitamate in home business can I start?


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  1. Mary Kay is good, Home interiors, or find a need in yor area and fill the need

  2. ebay buyer and seller. Buy stuff cheap on ebay, sell it for more. It’s impossible to lose.

  3. it depends. i’d suggest going with something crafty, like selling jewelry, pottery, paintings that you make, etc. but that never really sells well. something more worth it may be a daycare center out of your home. it can pay up to 15 or more an hr.

  4. start a day care. alot of time you hafta become certified with the state but you can charge people like $100 a week. if you have 5 kids dat’s pretty good especially since you don’t hafta drive anywhere.

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  6. i have found only one legit work at home job at

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  9. Work with a legitimate company with tools and actual people that will help YOU succeed literally from home. We have the right product at the right time in the trillion dollar wellness industry. Check it out and email me. Let us help you succeed.

  10. I recommend you do a little research with the Business Opportunity Search Engine – and search ‘craft’

    Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide.

  11. Crafting can be an enjoyable hobby for many people. Sometimes, you can even earn some extra money by crafting, or even turn it into a small business. If you are thinking about selling your crafts, you need to explore the different avenues of where you can actually sell them.

    Craft Shows: This is

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