Nov 032008
viral marketing
Naman Jain asked:

There are several ways through which a person can spread information across the entire globe. Online business is flooded with so many techniques that help to disseminate information online and viral marketing is one these techniques. The technique of viral marketing is used as potent tool of information for online marketing that helps to extend the chain of targeted audience. This form of a marketing encourages a person to pass on a marketing message to others that in turn makes viral marketing business a success.

Different forms of viral promotions could be flash games, videos like you tube, images and sometimes text messages as well. The basic aim of viral marketing is to focus the basic nature of human beings, as this technique claims that a person shares the product liked by him/her with at least three people and in case a person does not like then the same message is communicated to at least eleven people.

People having big social circles often become the targeted audience for the marketers willing to utilize viral marketing technique. Marketers look for people who have good social networking potential because these people help to pass on the message to their social circle. Creating an attractive viral message keeping the taste of a particular segment of people in mind can surely help to achieve success in this marketing technique.

To make viral marketing a success a person must focus on the quality of video/message content etc to attract large mass of people through web. These attracted people will further discuss the message with their friends and relatives that in turn will make this online marketing technique a success. Viral marketing helps to attract people and motivate them to know about the marketing message. If the message satisfies people then it further encourages them to share the message with others. In this way the viral message keeps on spreading from one person to another.

It is seen that with the growth of online marketing business the concept of viral marketing is also doing quiet well. In the coming years more people will become victims of viral marketing that will make the work of marketers all the more easy.

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