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Cliff Quinn asked:

Not using Viral Marketing 101 could eradicate your business!


This is the one quality that will make a site stand out against the brutal rivalry of competing sites in the Internet-based business world. You must use any marketing strategy available in order to stand up to your many competitors.

If people are not aware of your existence, regardless of how wonderful your product or website may be, you will not be successful. This lack of exposure could lead, in the worst case scenario, to the failure of your business.

There are many methods of increasing traffic to your site that will lead to increased popularity with the public. Viral marketing is a tactic that your competition used, and one you can too.

Although it has negative connotations due to its similarity to the word “virus”, a word that strikes fear in the heart of any computer user, “viral” has a different meaning here. Not using viral tactics to spread the word about your business could mean the end of your business. Pop-up ads and spyware have tested the patience of internet users to the point that they have become intolerable to most individuals.

Viral Marketing Overview

One way to build the public awareness of a product or company is the marketing technique viral marketing, also known as viral advertising. Many forms of media can be used to catch the public’s interest without actually showing an ad for the product – perhaps a funny game or photo which includes mention of your company or product that people will want to pass on to friends and family members.

Media that people will pass on to friends and family will help sell your business. Companies sponsor this media, called viral marketing, in various forms: flash games, videos, stories, etc. Individuals forward these cool, and fun items to their friends and family members. All viral marketing materials display a company’s brand name and logo on the products; the hardest part of marketing is getting the company’s name in front of as many people as possible.

Because it is relatively inexpensive, viral marketing has gained popularity as a method of advertising and marketing. Viral marketing depends on the eagerness of one person to pass on the product, in order to avoid being tagged as spam mail. If someone recognizes the sender’s name, they will open it instead of deleting it.

To help in spreading their viral marketing, many companies offer rebates and discounts as incentive. Results are determined by the number of recipients received from each responder.

Using Viral Marketing to Your Advantage

The primary advantage of viral marketing is that you get a lot of publicity and awareness for your site and the products and services provided by your company. Potential customers would be generated. In order to become more visible to your potential customers, use your imagination along with other bonuses, such as prizes.

Most websites and businesses are becoming aware of the effectiveness of Viral Marketing and Advertising. Failing to utilize this can destroy your business. While there are various schemes and methods for site promotion, such as Search Engine Optimization, the factor which could easily move you forward in the ratings is viral marketing.

Viral Marketing could be a designing technique that catches people’s attention and makes them aware and knowledgeable of your company. In turn, they pass your ad on to other people. Since the cost is low, risking the failure of your business by not investing in it would be foolish. There are tons of strategies; you can have an idea, a game or humor. Movies today, more often than not, are being promoted using scandals and gossip to get crowds to the theaters. The movie “The Blair Witch Project” is a prime example of how rumors and gossip propelled a movie to success.

Viral marketing has a proven track record with many big companies. Microsoft’s Hotmail is a good example. Viral marketing has worked wonderfully for them, seeing how they are the first known big company to utilize the scheme.

Viral marketing can work wonders for you, too. You can start advertising with viral marketing now to take full advantage of the benefits it will provide for your business.

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