Apr 102008
home business
EricO asked:

I have my own business (sole proprietor). It generates less than $10k per year and has no employees. I utilize deductions for home office, vehicle expenses and general office product expenses but that is about it. Is it worth buying the Turbo Tax Home Business or can I get away with buying the Deluxe version?

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  2 Responses to “Is Turbo Tax Home and Business worth the extra money for me?”

  1. If you are doing it online you set up everything and they will tell you if you should upgrade. I did and ended up getting 2000 more for my buiness deductions in my home…. So I would def. Recmend the home buisness. It worked out great for me.

  2. The important thing is that you get the right answer, and one that you can depend on. The Home Business program provides more hand-holding for those needing business guidance. A business with 10k of revenue often has as many issues as one with 200k in revenue.
    So the answer is… it depends on your needs.

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