Oct 112008
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gosamrao asked:

I am planning to start a home business which involves just consultation to single clients by appointment. The consultation session may last for about forty minutes. Can I start it from my rented apartment? Will the apartment owner/ management have no objection to it?


  3 Responses to “Can I start my new home business from my apartment?”

  1. The owner shouldn’t have
    any objections if:
    1. you’re quiet, not disturbing
    2. not having large numbers of
    people in and out at unusual
    3. he/she doesn’t get
    calls in the middle of night
    from other tenants

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  3. If you are abiding by the home business operations rules set forth by the local government, then there shouldnt be any trouble. The manager/owner has to abide certain rules and as long ad you are obeying the law, he/she has no reason to ick you out.

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