Oct 072008
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frankiesmom asked:

I would really like to start baking cakes. People tell me my cakes are to die for and I decorate them so pretty but the cakes from a recipe that is in a cookbook . I don’t want to get into trouble…so my question is “can I start a home business decorating cakes with recipes that i didn’t make up?

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  7 Responses to “Can I start a home base cake decorating business using a recipe I didn’t make?”

  1. I think you need to consult a lawyer… see if they’re patented…and if you’ve changed them in anyway to make them “Yours”….

  2. yes , if you are feeling guilty over it , put a twist on it , add vanilla or dont use nuts.
    All chefs use recipes that are not theirs.
    Good luck with the biz.

  3. Yes You Can! Don’t Publish or advertise “Your Recipe” mixing ingredients is cooking, as long as You mix them its your cake :)

  4. I think when you sell cakes no one ever asked what recipe did you use. But if you feel guilty change it and make it yours in some way from juice, to extracts to overall cake recipe and or change frosting’s. When you go to the local bakery they will never tell you their recipe…What already is, has definitely been done before…Look at recipezaar.com you may find 200 different cakes and about 50 with same names just changed a Little. I am also a baker too….Smile!

  5. You cannot patent recipes. You can however infringe on the intellectual copyrights of the recipe. Ingredients cannot be copywrited…only the process or instructions. Avoid this by (A) not giving the recipe out and/or (B) changing the wording of the instructions. I would be more worried about having a home-based baking business without going through the proper health code channels. That wuill certainly get you in more trouble than thinking that someone will taste your cake and say…I KNOW WHERE THIS RECIPE CAME FROM!! Tell people your recipe is a secret.

  6. Sure! Just dont’ claim the recipes as your own creations. But you can certainly tout that your cakes are “homemade” or “home baked” or whatever.

  7. yes you can i dont think there will be a prbleum… :D just dont say it’s youre recipe.if you know the person whos recipe this is you can ask them if you can use it to..

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