Apr 142008
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whattodo898 asked:

I am planning to home phone line for my home but I have home based business. Can I still deduct part of my business phone calls? I am a sole proprietor but what if I incorporate as S corporation? Can I still deduct my part of my home phones for business use?

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  6 Responses to “Can I deduct phone bills when I have home business?”

  1. you can deduct pretty much anything for your home based business. if you have one room solely dedicated as your home office, you can deduct your phone, ISP, rent//mortgage, any furniture or equpiment you buy, even business meals.

  2. oooww well hey ask your tax lawyer! no really if you can’t get a good answer just drop by h & r block and they can tell you.

    OR go online in google type in “tax deductions home business” or go online to h & r block and ask a rep.

    i think you can. but don’t take my word for it.

  3. If you only have one phone line, you can deduct long distance calls that are for business purposes. You cannot deduct any of the expense for the local service. If you choose to add a second line for exclusive business use, that associated expenses would be fully deductible. This is applicable regardless of your business form, proprietor or corporation.

  4. Dale is correct. One line = Long distance only that is related to business. Two lines = Deduct the entire cost of the BUSINESS line.

  5. Yes. Yes. And, Yes.
    You can always deduct all legitimate business expenses no matter how the business is organized. Just kkep good record to support your deductions.

  6. Yes you can deduct the % usage of your phone for business use on Sch C (1040) and an S Corp.

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