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Joslyn M asked:

I would like to start a home business where I am able to work part-time because I currently work full-time. I want to do something enjoyable that I won’t mind doing after a long day at work. But ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME. I just needed some ideas as to what I should do. I’ve heard about e-bay careers, and people having house cleaning services, but what do u all think would be a good home business? Real answers please! Thanx!

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  20 Responses to “Any Suggestions? I want to start a home business, but want to do something enjoyable?”

  1. If your interested I can give some help on doing beauty consulting and being a certified skin care consultant. My business partners wife does quite well with it. I can introduce you to a high quality product line you can earn from sales and also a support system at a very reasonable small investment.

    email me if you want details.

  2. Mary Kay, it is a fun way to make money. I started for the skin care I just wanted the discount and a year later I quit my full time job.

  3. I have been researching home based businesses for several years. The sites I have found that give the best information are listed below.

    The WAHM site – go to the message boards and check out what other people have to say. There are wahms there who have all kinds of businesses – home parties, daycare, mystery shopping, real estate, etc. It really has a lot of info.

    The mymommybiz site is full of ideas. I gave you the link to the Business Ideas page of the site. It doesn’t go into tons of specific info on each business, but it does have a lot of ideas.

    Finally, there is Site Build It! which I really love. They have great customer service and really help you build a profitable business. They have a wealth of FREE information (in the form of e-books, etc.). I gave you several links that have information I think will be most helpful.

    My personal opinion is don’t go with ebay. But if you really want to do it, just make sure you know all the fees beforehand and check with the post office on shipping packages/boxes and fees so that you know your costs. I do, however, like having an online business. Choose something that will be fun and that you really enjoy. Any business takes a lot of work, so if you are going to spend your time doing it, you need to like it.

    Good luck!

  4. I sell gourmet food. How much yummier can you get?! I do in-home cooking parties – the guests and the host do the cooking, the consultant (you brings the recipes and gourmet food items). If you want more info, you can find me at .

  5. I have been a collection manager for 19 years. Please allow me to show you an excellent income opportunity.

  6. Hello! It seems you nderstand the number one thing to be succesful in business and that is do siomething you enjoy. If you are looking options, I have one more to add to the list!

  7. Hi, Joslyn!

    I am an independent jewelry consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry and I love it! We sell jewelry at home parties, office parties, craft shows–you name it. It’s great because there are no presentations to do, and you make 50% profit. Pretty much you just set up the jewelry, and the hostess’ guests just shop in a relaxed, open house atmosphere. It really is a lot of fun–your job is a party. If it is something you might be interested in, please feel free to check out my website–you can request info straight from there.

    Whatever you decide to do, be sure to research it completely and definitely make sure it is something you are passionate about. Best of luck!

    Julie Cott, Senior Indepent Jewelry Consultant

  8. GDI is a great at home opportunity that can also be taken with you any where you go. Its free to try out for 7 days and then if you decide that you like it you pay only $10 a month. For an hour or 2 a day you can build this business quickly and soon it will not only pay for itself but also it could build an excellent retirement and vacation fund.

    Try it
    John Oakes

  9. You do not say what type of business you are looking for.
    Are you looking for direct sales? If so….

    E mail me for details on this company.
    Growth is unbelievable! Arizona went from 28 reps to 136 in 1 year time! Florida from 74 reps to 286! California from 113 to 442!
    It’s fun and easy! $150 to start. No product to purchase, no deliveries and not heavy to tote. When you email me I will give you my web site address and I will email you some stats. If it is not for you that’s ok to but worth looking into if you want to start a home based business in direct sales. :-)

  10. ATTN: Looking for Trainers
    Learn how to teach the Freedom Project.
    Work from home. Free on-line training.
    Excel $$.
    How about trying our program. It’s the people
    that make it so enjoyable.

  11. Hi,
    I use to think people are crazy that get involved with network marketing…Well,I’m now part of it : ) …I was introduced to an unbelievable opportunity by a close frined of mine. Home Based Business and Home Based Jobs are in no way alike…Having a home based job doesn’t change your life one bit. You will continue to work the rest of your life because you will only be paid for the work you do and you only have so many hrs in a day. Home based Business along with network marketing you create a residual income in which you get paid for the work you did in the past, over and over and over again….Check out my site and feel free to contact me

  12. I work full time but also am a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. If you are interested in scrapbooking and/or making your own greeting cards, and would like to share this interest with others, this is a great business to have on the side.

    You can check out the company at StampinUp.com and I would LOVE to sign you up and help you develop your business.

    Kathy (tunderkat@aol.com)

  13. Hi

    First of all you must understand that “home business” isn’t as easy as we all would like it to be.

    However it is not as difficult as many people think.
    I’ve been doing business on-line for about 3 years now and I’ve learned a lot!

    The best program I can think of for you would be myworldplus.

    You might start a bit slow although I will help you succeed
    but you will save loads of money on everyday shopping! Some members are saving $200+ a month!! It’s pretty amazing

    If you have any interested in joining my team and earn some good money (I made $300 after 2 weeks), please pre-enroll for free here:

    I will mail you once you have joined.

    You can also contact me if you have questions before joining.

    Aim : casper_6k4you

    Best regards,

    Casper Christensen
    Team leader at myworldplus

  14. I am a gift consultant with the direct sales company, Jolica, which features handmade, high quality personal accessories such as jewelry, leather handbags,silk and alpaca scarfs, and shawls, the jewelry is silver and features, topaz, amethyst, onxy, and pearls, they are all handmade by skilled artisans which live in countries such as peru, thailand, india, so check out my website at to see it for yourself

  15. You called start your own home-based travel agency. I find it to be very easy and very fun. Take a look at my website:

  16. I have the answer! If you love skin care, cosmetics, spa products, then you will love my company! This month is a great deal to start. All I do, is have pampering sessions , maybe twice a month, earning 30-50%. It is fun, and I love all of these products! See my blog for details! E-mail me to get started!

  17. Get a copy of Business Opportunity magazine at the drugstore”s magazine section.
    In it you’ll see all kinds of small business set ups and work from home.
    See if you can get some back issues that devote the entire magazine to home base and businesses you can start from under $500.
    Also take some time to think about a niche. You are an expert in something so share it.
    Think about what people need but don’t like to do and you do it.
    Example: Clean a garage or basement and sale everything the owner doesn’t want at a flea market.
    Maybe go to restaurants, offer to supply their place-mats for free. How does this work?
    Go to businesses near the restaurants and get their business card. Collect 10.
    Go to the printer with the cards and copy them on a place-mat with the restaurant’s name as the headliner (logo). 10 or more should fit.
    Charge the businesses $10 per/mo. to be on the place-mat.
    Tell the restaurant you’ll supply their place-mats for free and show them the place-mat with their headliner (logo) and copy’s of the business cards on the place-mat.
    When customers are waiting for their food, they read the place-mat.
    If a business is attractive to the customer they will ask for another place-mat to take home.
    1 restaurant = $100 per/mo.
    5 restaurants= $500 per?mo.
    10 restaurants= $1000per/mo.
    This is great for kids. Who will turn down a kid? or Seniors
    Good luck,

  18. My husband and I have a great time working together in our spare time with a great company. We have met many happy and motivated people who have become close friends. This is all with no risk to our current careers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  19. The best home business would be one that works for you — what are you passionate about, what are your interests? You are more likely to stick with something, and enjoy doing it after a long day of work, if it’s something you like. There are many legitimate home business opportunities in areas such as direct sales, affiliate programs, and network marketing. I work outside the home part-time and work my businesses the other half of my time — I put in a good amount of hours to meet the personal goals I have set for myself and I enjoy what I am doing more than working outside of the home. Best wishes in your search…

  20. We offer a direct sales opportunity where all you need to do is advertise either online or offline, and our Call Center will talk to your prospects and close your sales for you. The best part is you will receive a minimum of $1000 for every sale the call center makes for you! Check it out at the link below.

    Good luck!

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