Mar 242008
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Cory Threlfall asked:

Social Bookmarking is FAST becoming the ‘New Way’ to generate even more FREE targeted traffic to your websites because of there raising popularity and their ability to deliver the information web users want or their community members query.

And thats not all either, if you’ve been following the whole ‘Tag and Ping’ trend thats been going on then you’ll also see the added benefit to Social Bookmarking if you own your own Blog and/or Website and how people can spread the word for you ‘Effortlessly’ throughout the many Social Bookmarking services available online today giving your Blog and/or Website even more exposure without you even lifting a finger.

I’m serious, and I’ll reveal ‘How’ at end end of this article.

Now, with that said, for the rest of this article I want to stress to you the TOP 5 reasons why you should consider getting involved with Social Bookmarking.

So with that said, lets go to TOP Reason #1.

TOP Reason #1. Social Bookmarking services are FREE.

This is probably the single most beneficial reason for getting started with Social Bookmarking simply because these services are Absolutely FREE to the public to use at their convenience.

TOP Reason #2. Bookmark as many websites as you want.

Another great reason to use Social Bookmarking services is you can Bookmark as many websites or webpages as you want. Whether they’re Articles, Reviews, Sales Letters, VRE Content Sites, etc.

As far as what kind of websites you can Bookmark really depends on the bookmarking services ‘Terms of Service’, so if your unsure as to what you can bookmark, that is the first place I recommend you look.

TOP Reason #3. Tag your bookmarks with targeted keywords.

This is the single most important benefit you get with Social Bookmarking services and that is the ability to bookmark your websites and/or webpages with whatever ‘Keyword Tags’ you want that will help you locate that bookmark when it comes time for you to want to read that particular information.

In the next TOP Reason I’ll go into a little more detail as to why your ‘Tags’ are so important and why you need to choose your keyword tags carefully for maximum benefit.

TOP Reason #4. Make your account Private or Public.

This is where you have to make a choice. And this choice is whether or not you want to make your account with the particular social bookmarking service a Private account or a Public account.

Now, if you choose to have a Private account then those bookmarks you made will be available to you ONLY. But, if you choose to make your account Public then this is where ALL your FREE targeted traffic will come from because now web surfers and the social bookmarking community has access to your bookmarks under the ‘Keyword Tags’ you chose for the websites and/or webpages you tagged.

That’s why I said it’s VERY important you choose your ‘Keyword Tags’wisely because you want the web surfers or community users to be able to find your websites and /or webpages you bookmarked which in turn could lead to more sales for you.

Also, by making your account Public your profile and websites and/or webpages you bookmarked will be picked up by the search engines and indexed, so you will benefit from the search engines that way, plus… you’ll get some high PR(depending on the Social Bookmarking service) ‘One-Way’ backlinks pointing back to your websites and/or webpages Boosting your overall link popularity and search engine ranking for those websites and/or webpages.

TOP Reason #5. VIRALIZE your Blog or Website.

Remember I told you I would reveal ‘How’ you can VIRALIZE your Social Bookmarking efforts ‘Effortlessly’ without lifting a finger if you have your own Blog or Website to multiple Social Bookmarking services.

Well here’s HOW!

All you need to do is add a piece of code to your blog or website and let your visitors do the rest of the work for you. It only takes a few minutes to do depending on your experience with HTML.

If your visitors find the information you offer of quality interest then they will definitely spread the word for you to other social bookmarking networks and communities giving you even more exposure without you lifting a finger.

This to me is a definite PLUS!

If you want to find out more about this pluggin go to ==>

Well there you have it, the TOP 5 Reasons you should at least consider Social Bookmarking before getting involved.

I’m sure these 5 reasons alone are enough but who am I to make that decision for you.

Go search out a few Social Bookmarking services for yourself so you can see how easy it is to get started and visit the link above and add that code to your Blogs or Websites so your visitors can spread the word for you.

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