Mar 012008
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Eabharoid asked:

With the fast and effective way of how internet technology has improved communication, marketing and transfer of information from a source, social bookmarking has played an important role with its efficiency and reliability. As what is known about social bookmarking, social bookmarking is an organized method of how bookmarks of web pages are stored, organized, searched and managed. It allows internet users to share the web pages they want with friends and selected people in a group. It allows you easy access by simply logging in any computer. Most people use browser-based method. Social bookmarking lets you employ personalized tags. Bookmarking sites give you added information by measuring how reputable a website is as compared to other sites. New ideas are at reach when you use social bookmarking because it is easier for you to look what others have visited and done. You will be able to visit and discover favorites done and visited by others.

The best social reason why you need to be bookmarked is the benefit of being connected with your friends, family, and people you work with. You will be able to share the websites you love with anybody close to you. It allows you to save time and effort from everybody close to you and even for yourself by knowing what particular thing they prefer as a gift, interest, hobby, or need.

Social bookmarking is now an important promotional tool that you can use. If you own a website and wanted to enhance it, social bookmarking has several beneficial features that you can use at your advantage for optimizing search engines.

Search engines are also compatible with social bookmarkings. If your own website appears on the front page of a search engine, expect an increase in traffic. An increase in traffic will mean that your website will be exposed to inbound links. This in turn will make you popular and increases your page rank. This is a form of a viral campaign that is of your advantage. Your web site will be more noted in the internet and will gain an assured popularity.

Repeat visitors are gained with social bookmarking. Most visitors do not register or take action on their first visit to your website. However, if visitors will visit your website again, chances are, they will be taking actions on their next visit. The more visit, the more chances of taking action. The more bookmarking options, the more visitors will likely to return. However, you have to make sure that your website will have quality content. This will make anybody to bookmark your page.

Social bookmarking existed several years before and people will always discover new concepts about the bookmarking world especially with the fields of marketing and promotion. Many have benefited from its advantages and new ideas are still being developed to maximize its use. The online marketing industry and community eye social marketing as one of their major tools in the future. No wonder many social bookmarking sites have come to provide the basic advantages and enjoy the benefits of social bookmarking.

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