Mar 152008
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Vanessa Arellano Doctor asked:

Although a lot of people are actually using social bookmarking in the Web, not a lot of people know exactly what they are, or know enough information about the subject. It is much simpler to do rather than to explain how it is done, or what it does exactly, and what its purpose is.

People may be taught by their friends on how to use social bookmarking, or may have just stumbled upon it, but not a lot of them know exactly what they are doing. You could be doing it without knowing that you are actually using social bookmarking in your Web page. Here are a few frequently asked questions about social bookmarking that people should know.

What is social bookmarking?

Basically, bookmarking is a convenient way of remembering Web pages in the internet. This will help you find the things that you want to look for in a much faster time with less hassle since you already know where to look. Social bookmarking pretty much function in the same way as bookmarking, wherein you tag certain Web pages or websites so you can easily find them the next time that you are browsing the internet.

However, social bookmarking adds the element of being able to collaborate with other internet users by sharing with them your bookmarks of Web pages and websites. Basically, social bookmarking allows people to save bookmarks to a public Web page or website by tagging them with descriptive keywords.

How does social bookmarking work?

In social bookmarking, people usually find a Web page or website that they would like to bookmark. Once they have found a Web page or website of their preference, they “tag” the Web page or website using descriptive keywords that say something about it. This not only helps the person “tagging” the Web page or website, but it also helps other web users who are looking for the same thing or subject that you have tagged. And with the appropriate keywords, people will find it easier to find the Web page or website that you have tagged. People usually need to register with other social bookmarking sites in order to create social bookmarks for themselves.

What does social bookmarking do?

Social bookmarking provides the site’s visitors the ability to link to other social bookmarking sites, as well as other Web pages and websites, through a single link. Not only that, but it also allows people to search for sites using keywords, which will display the highest ranking sites based on the keyword given.

Social bookmarking also gives updates to people so that they would know what things are considered hot and trendy nowadays. Other social bookmarking sites not only create links to articles and websites, but it also allows its users and visitors to comment on the articles.

What are the advantages of using social bookmarking?

One of the advantages of using social bookmarking is that it allows the people using it to store and benefit the research that they have done on a particular subject or topic, while at the same time, giving people a chance to benefit from it as well by enriching their knowledge about the same topic or subject. Social bookmarking works best in arranging, searching and presenting information more efficiently and effectively.

What are the disadvantages of using social bookmarking?

One of the major disadvantages of using social bookmarking is that there are no set standards for the keywords that the different users may be using. This means that people can literally put any keyword to describe a particular website or Web page, which can create a problem especially if people do not use the appropriate keywords, or if they do not spell it correctly.

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