Mar 122008
social bookmark
Jon Tavaho asked:

Through a social bookmark, an Internet user can bookmark his or her favorite website or an online article and store, organize and share it with other users online. These social bookmarks are open to public and may be accessed by all who are interested in seeing what you have bookmarked. With the maturity and popularity of these services, various features have been added to them like rating and commenting on the bookmarks, importing and exporting them from browsers and e-mailing them. As far as creation of high-quality search engines is concerned, the system of social bookmarking provide various advantages over the traditional programmed classification and resource location software like a search engine spider.

All the tag-based classification of websites is done by humans and not by software programs who generally do not understand the resource content. Web spiders notice and index only popular web pages but people can find those who are not even found by the web spiders. In addition to that, software programs rank the web pages depending upon the number of links pointing to them but social bookmarking is done depending upon the number of times the users have bookmarked the web pages, the feature which can be extremely helpful for the end users.

For the Internet users, social bookmarking system can be extremely useful as a means to access consolidated sets of bookmarks through different computers, organize various bookmarks and share them with user contacts.

Some of the great ways of social bookmarking are:

• Choosing a network: Selecting a network of social bookmarking only after proper and extensive research can be really useful. You must choose one of the popular networks only as it will attract more web visitors in comparison to the less popular ones.

• Signing up: After selecting a popular network of social bookmarking, sign up on it and take advantages from it. In order to avoid problems in future, read the basic rules and strictly follow them.

• Categorizing: Categorize your bookmarks depending upon their group like hobbies, recipes and science. Keeping them clean and simple can help in preparing right takes on your bookmarks.

• Tagging: Tagging the websites that you visit can be helpful in providing useful information to the network. Therefore, it will make your bookmarked page popular and well known in your entire network.

• Adding social bookmark links to the website: This will attract visitors to the site and help in getting more web traffic.

• Making it popular: By bookmarking interesting and important information and allowing the readers to make use of them can really make your website extremely popular. The more useful the content of your website, the more popular it will be.

• Using it as search engines: Social bookmarked web pages can also serve as a search engine and may work even better than web spiders.

• Submitting the website to the social bookmarks: This will be helpful in getting more web visitors on the bookmarked website.

• Helping the visitors to re-visit: You can help your visitors to come again to your site by allowing them to bookmark your website.


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