Mar 112008
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Vanessa Arellano Doctor asked:

Social bookmarking is one of the best ways of improving your online business’ profitability. It is a tool that allows online business owners to market the content of their website or Web page by exposing it to a lot of different Internet users out there, especially to those who are interested in the same subject or topic that their site is offering.

Different online businesses using social bookmarking as their marketing tool will be able to direct traffic to their website or Web page, thereby increasing the site’s traffic, and chances of increasing its sales and profit. Using social bookmarking by registering with social bookmarking sites is especially helpful to those sites which are not known to a lot of Internet users.


Basically, social bookmarking sites allows its users to save and share their bookmarked sites with others, as well as make it easier for these users to find sites and pages that have similar content to what they are searching for. These social bookmarking sites also help increase your website or Web page search engine ranking through the boost in potential traffic resulting from links that are spidered to different social bookmarking sites to your site.

Although most social bookmarking sites build links to other users by giving other people the opportunity to visit your website, to vote on it, and even buy whatever it is that you are selling, there are other social bookmarking sites that gives a little something extra for online marketers to make social bookmarking, as well as online marketing, a whole lot easier for them. These are what some of the best social bookmarking sites do for your online business.

BEST SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES, as well as Digg, are two of those social bookmarking sites that most Internet users would like to use, especially since these particular sites make categorizing websites and Web pages that have a content that interests you very easy and convenient. These allow you to find your saved websites or Web pages again through the use of ‘tags’ that contains keywords or phrases that describes the website or Web page and its content, making it easier to find since these sites are saved in different categories. Not only this, but these two also allow your site’s visitors to comment on your bookmarked sites and content, as well as share your lists of bookmarks with others, including your comments. Plus, social bookmarking site uses a desktop based tool called Delicioso, which basically allows its users to operate similar to onlywire, making it easier to submit bookmarks to other sites in one shot.

Aside from these two, online marketers will also benefit from using other sites for different purposes, especially for acquiring tools that will help their online business thrive. Some of these tools from other sites will offer you with information that will help you improve your online business by increasing its generated traffic. Others help you optimize your search engine rankings, maintain your online business’ credibility, increase your Web content’s exposure, as well as teach you how to launch a viral marketing campaign to increase your profit.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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