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Samuel Bryant asked:

When I was younger the issue of boredom always seemed to come up. I long for those days now that my work week is 80+ hours but creativity was so important while growing up poor. One of my favorite things to do was pretend I was pitching in the major leagues and managed to situate a table on its side so that the tennis ball would either pop up or ground out to me. I spent days playing solo Monopoly and weeks creating a fully stocked video store mockup. I think the poorer a person is the more interesting their hobbies are.

Some very common hobbies include collecting things such as dolls, die cast cars, real cars, or weapons. Coin and stamp collecting have long been a hobby for many, especially of commemorative mints ( Coin and paper money from around the world is collected by Trader Joes if you haven’t noticed. A lot of gold and silver coins are worth something because of the amount of the particular metal contained in it.

The collecting of action figures ( used to be isolated to the very young and has crept its way into the hands of middle aged men. Comic book popularity has enjoyed the same fate and has created multiple movie trilogy empires in Hollywood. I don’t know if this popularity is due to the growing infancy of adult men or the impressive quality of modern movies. Either way it looks as if the comic book genre will continue to impress.

A lot of collectors base their hobby on an addiction such as alcoholism. Wine collectors invest in storage units, large quantities of aging bottles, and some even build entire rooms customized with climate controlled environments for the storage and display of their wine. In college I remember seeing fraternity bedrooms outlined by old bottles of consumed Vodka as if they were little league trophies. One of the most popular social hobbies men have is a combination of beer and poker ( These events are usually shared on a regular basis with more than two people where food is consumed. This hobby can be extended to Las Vegas if the player needs a more stimulating environment.

Hobbies seem to differ between people depending on the geographic location. Shooting ranges are more popular here outside of Seattle and are even more popular if one visits the eastern portion of this state as opposed to the limits of the city. Hobbies differ between genders—shopping for clothes is more popular among women while playing basketball is more popular among men. Another demographic where hobbies tend to differ is in the different age groups. Gardening is very popular among the older folks while radio controlled racing is more popular amongst the young. Children spend more time swimming than they do cooking. Adults spend more time cooking than they do swimming. The same thing applies to paintball, snowboarding, skateboarding, and Saturday morning cartoons. Now that I have money I can actually buy things to entertain myself. Rather than pretending to ride a dirt bike I can actually get one.

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