Nov 182008
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Cory Blanchette asked:

If you are a stay at home mom or a home bound person with a disability who thinks you can’t make money or start a business from home, you are mistaken. The Official Home Business Guide web site can help you start a successful home business.

One of the main benefits of a home business is that you control your income. With a job, you trade hours of your time for a fixed amount of money. With a business, the more time you put into working your business, the more money you will make. With The Official Home Business Guide web site, you’re not on your own in choosing the perfect home business. This valuable website provides free reviews and information about home based business opportunities. The Official Home Business Guide web site will help you choose a business that fits, so you can make it profitable.

One of the most popular choices for a home based business is an Internet business. With so many Internet business opportunities to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. The Official Home Business Guide web site breaks down and reviews business opportunities. For example, a few possible Internet business opportunities include the following types of businesses.

Affiliate Marketing – With affiliate marketing Internet business opportunities, you don’t even have to create your own product to sell. You sign up to sell someone else’s product and receive a commission for every sale made. Affiliate marketing is great for people who do not have a lot of money to invest in starting a business. With no product creation or inventory expenses, you simply market and collect commissions. You don’t even need a website, just a plan for marketing a product and an affiliate link so you can receive commissions on the products you sell.

Work from Home Programs – With work from home programs, you sign up to perform jobs from home as a business. Opportunities for people signing up for work from home programs include, mystery shopping, transcription services, virtual assisting, processing rebates, data entry, participating in surveys, and more. With work from home programs, your business is basically taking on different types of jobs. You can pick and choose the jobs you want to do and you don’t need a website.

Internet Store – If you are a little more web savvy, consider signing up for a business opportunity where you open your own Internet store. If you don’t have products to sell, that’s okay. Drop shipping companies have catalogs full of products for you to sell in your Internet store. After making a sale, you simply forward the order to the drop shipping company and they ship it to your customer with your business name on the mailing label and invoice. You keep the payment from your customer and send the drop shipping company a payment for the actual cost of the product. You keep the markup.

Most Internet business opportunities, like affiliate marketing programs and work from home programs, offer quick payments. Having your money within minutes of making a sale or completing a job is a bonus. Thanks to the Internet, there is no more waiting days or weeks for a check to arrive and thanks to The Official Home Business Guide web site, you should be able to find a legitimate home business opportunity that is perfect for you.

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