Dec 022008
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Hans Monsma asked:

Internet Affiliate Marketing is more profitable than any other hobby or home business. A hobby has definite capital input requirements, whereas internet marketing has no capital requirements., especially not affiliate marketing, and it makes a lot more money.

Internet marketing if departmentalized is much like the any other home business. Look at the similarity of theory and the diversity of practice. For the purpose of the analogy we shall be a woodworking hobbyist making wooden trinckets and the likes.

The similarities and diversities.

The wood working home business equipment.

We need machinery and have chosen a multi tasking machine. For the hobby enthusiast this is the most likely to be profitable. It has a planer, thicknesser, band saw, spindle, router, belt sander, and disk sander. it can also be used as a wood turning lathe. This is the best choice as it is economical on two fronts, namely, space and capital. If on had to buy this equipment as ndividual machines the capital requirements become outrages, and you would need a small factory to house the equipment.

The Internet Affiliate Marketing Home Business Equipment.

Just as you have a garage as part of your home, so you have a computer as part of your home. So no outlay. You need an ISP, a website (optional), a keyword analyzer, an article writer, a click bank analysis tool or similar, internet connection. Here is the crux of the matter, to purchase each one of the affiliate marketing tools will cost you a lot of money. During my research I discovered an internet community of high integrity  and by all accounts the number one growth point in the internet affiliate marketing field when it comes to profitability.

This affiliate marketing community does not do the work for you, but because it is a turnkey operation, which is truly a pleasure to work with, it has become a very profitable hobby for me. It remains a hobby as the time I spend on it is less than my basement hobby, but makes much more profit and has taken no capital to establish.

To be a successful internet affiliate marketer requires no special knowledge. Your income will depend entirely on your own effort and time spent. The home business requires the same as any other business, loyalty, integrity and dedication to progress.

Knowkedge is Power, Power is Success and Success is money. To make money requires an actionnothing more, a mental decision that you are tired of measuring every cent you spend. tired of your disposable income being eroded away by the countoires economis downturn. you need bring no money to the table, nothing. You do not have to be a rocket scientist; nothing of that sort. A decision, it is assimple as that. I can assure you that this will be the first day of the rest of your financial independance. $3000 per month will seem like childs play.

Procrastination is the foundation of mediocraty


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