Nov 022008
home business
Blossom Vinson asked:

Home business is one of the growing segments in todays economy. The term home business, home based business has been searched well over 1,80,000,000 times on google in the last thirty days. Why are people looking to start a home business or any business in this economy. The reason is simple. More and more people are realizing that they are better off working for themselves, being in control of their life than giving the control of their life to their boss andĀ  creating wealth and a financial stability around their families is possible only when they work for themselves. Home business is the best way to have quality and quantity life.

When you start searching for that extra income to support your family be clear as to if you just want a job or business? If you choose business do you want traditional business or a home business? The difference between a traditional business and home business are as follows.

Traditional business have a lot of start up cost say anywhere from $50,000 to well over a million. Whereas a home business could cost anywhere from $50 to $30,000. The time on return for investment in a traditional business is about five years whereas in home business it varies from couple of months to a year. Traditional business will require overhead, other additional expenses such rent, employees, marketing etc., whereas a home business requires just marketing expense which can vary from couple of hundred dollars to probably $1000 per month. If you are spending $1000 in marketing for your current home business you are spending way too much. You are basically buying yourself a job with traditional business where you loose your time freedom. One can never put a price on time with your family and kids. With a home based businessĀ  you work from home but you have an added advantage of reducing your overhead, making money and spending time with your family on your terms. Personal development is a must if you are looking to start any business and be successful in it. Personal Development industry is economy proof as more businesses and people turn to it for bringing about success and positive change in a bad or a good economy.

So by far if you are looking to creating wealth and financial stability home business is the way to go and pay yourself what you are really worth rather than getting paid.001% of the profit your employer is making by having you as an employee. Why don’t you pay yourself what you are worth and build a wall of financial stability around your family.


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